Eastern Mansion Sales Center

  • Company/Studio
    Zhoyu Design Group Co.,Ltd.
  • Lead Designer(s)
    WANG Zijian
  • Design Team
    ZHU Yongsheng, LV Jingyang, WEI Jianyu, LIU Zimu, ZHANG Yutong, PENG Xuekai, CHEN Zhongfang, LIN Wupei, ZENG Kun, SONG Hang
  • Credits
    Photo by: IN BETWEEN
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Commercial & Offices

The project sits on the southern bank of Xiang River and surrounds Dishuihu Park. Architects attempt to create a “scroll” above the water mirror and bring people a strong sense of the site. The first floors of two-storey constructions in parallel arrangement are connected to form an enclosed water yard; the plan layout is natural and unfolding; the well-arranged roof features merge-split style. The loop flow system of the project enhances the city’s accessibility to Dishuihu Park, which highlights the rationality and mystery, authenticity and purity of contemporary architecture.

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