• Company/Studio
    V.M Design
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Zhao Shu
  • Design Team
    Wang Luotong, Xue Yuanyang, Li Yuling, Lin Chunwei, Qin Xiaolei
  • Client
  • Credits
    Sui Sicong
  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design/Retails
  • Company Profile

The store only occupies 70㎡ or so, situated in a shopping mall and surrounded by similar shops. The spatial design had to ensure that the brand image was clearly conveyed and the messages could be accurately perceived by customers. Upholding the "beauty of smallness" and emphasizing details, the design started from and ended with the belt installations, which were mechanically mounted with leather, rivets, and metal fasteners, the stiffness and softness of which reached a balance of mechanical aesthetics.

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