Sunac·Xuege Garden

  • Company/Studio
    Chongqing Donehome Landscape Architecture Planning Design Co.,ltd
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Guanghai Luo
  • Design Team
    Qige Xing, Zesong Liu, Hai Zhu, Teng Ma, Ya Meng, Chun Xie
  • Client
    Nanchang Sunac Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
  • Credits
    Photography by: Fancy Images , Daiming Gao
  • Prize
    Winner in Landscape Design/Private gardens

To the protection of native plant resources and adaption to the local conditions, this project combined the nature and modern elements to create a sustainable and vigorous landscape. The whole site was unfolded with the native camphor trees distributions, the space transformed from enclosure to broader scenes, and the natural environment associated with facilities materials, creating a sense of ceremony and order of space, also considered the needs of residents for leisure, recreation and backing to nature.

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