Saint Joseph Church

  • Company/Studio
    Enia Architectes
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Brice Piechaczyk
  • Design Team
  • Client
    Association dioc├ęsaine de Pontoise
  • Credits
    Photos @ Epaillard + Machado
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Cultural Architecture
  • Project Website

St. Joseph's Church is a Catholic place of worship located in France. The architectural design of this place is simple but recognizable. This simplicity expresses an abstraction: two rectangles touching each other at the corner, precisely. The treatment of the building envelope, with sobriety and precision, conveys the public and the religious character of the building. A limited palette of materials - light-colored glass, wood, light-colored concrete brick, stained glass - gives a certain timeless abstraction to the volumetric composition and reinforces the symbolism of the building.

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