• Company/Studio
    Guangdong Piano Science Artists Co., Ltd.
  • Instagram
    @Haotao Chan
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Shi Wenchao
  • Design Team
    Kitchen furniture research and development team
  • Client
    Shi Wenchao,Chen Haotao,Xia Haibao,Lai Yongli,Zeng Xiangyi,Xiang Hongjie
  • Prize
    Winner in Product Design/Furniture & Lighting
  • Company Profile

ROLLS is a new custom-made furniture product, blessed with simple and modern appearance, intelligent functions, anti-oil and easy-to-clean materials. The application of ROLLS in kitchen, bathroom and washing space will show you the idea of space without boundaries. The transparent glass cabinet featuring natural marble patterns matches matte paint, reflecting a sense of modernity. The electronic liftable storage system, wireless charging and automatic lighting system will provide you with novel visual and tactile experience.

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