Sunshine100 Gather in the valley

  • Company/Studio
    Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd.
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Robin Zhang, William Chen
  • Design Team
    Allen Yang, Emma Lee, Front Tan, Cindy Xian, Xiaochun Ren, Junqi Lin, Wei Li, Rain Qi, Tingting Zheng, Chunyang Yuan, Hongxia Shen, Jin, Lei Lu
  • Client
    Sunshine 100
  • Credits
    Photo by Yong Zhang
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Hospitality

The projec takes the essence of traditional architecture "sloping roof", and recreates a flowing arc-shaped curved building, light and light as if flying from the land of Jingchu, and inheriting the cultural genes of rich history and integrating with the environment. The black-gray metal roof forms the spine on the roof of the building. It stretches and undulates like green mountain peaks and forms an image of mountains and water like flowing clouds and flowing water with the wide water landscape on the ground.

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