Ming Ren Ming Jia Fusion Restaurant(Wen'er Road)

  • Company/Studio
    Daxiang Design Studio
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Jianyu Jiang
  • Design Team
    Jiang Jianyu, Li Shui, Li Zhengui, Shu Kairong, Shi Weiwen, Lou Ting, Zhang Yuting
  • Client
    Ming Ren Ming Jia Fusion Restaurant
  • Credits
    Photo by Haha Lu
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention

The jollification of the downtown enfolds the tranquility. The concept of garden winding path is introduced into the dining space, where Jiangnan charm and contemporary spirit are integrated here. The image of Jiangnan courtyard is brought into the dining environment, which creates the atmosphere of "there is room in the courtyard, there is courtyard in the room" in the space.The private dining room is inspired by the study of Jiangnan with foil-rolled half-windows where you can experience as if stays quietly in a scholarly courtyard with the surrounding scenery.

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