Water Moon

  • University/School
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Guangpeng Yue
  • Design Team
    Guangpeng Yue ,Hang Yin,Fengze Li,Hongbo Ren,Haitao Yuan,Zhiyuan Guo,Yingyi Li,Jiayang Zhang,Siyu Ding,Mengyao Gao,Jing Wang,Ziming Yang,Xi Zhu
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention

The Humidifier uses magnetic levitation technology to place the permanent magnet ball as the switch of the humidifier, and applies the magical visual effect and interactive experience to the common products of people. The product atomizes the water through the ultrasonic atomizing device, and the water is circularly disinfected by the ultraviolet lamp and the water pump inside the product. Nowadays, the fast pace of life makes people gradually numb. The moon and water make people live in the present moment through the consciously designed way and its peculiar visual effect.

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