Blessing incense tube

  • University/School
    LuXun Academy of Fine Arts
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Guangpeng Yue
  • Design Team
    Guangpeng Yue ,Hang Yin,Fengze Li,Zhiyuan Guo,YingYi Li, Hongbo RenJing Wang,Ziming Yang,Haitao Yuan,Jiayang Zhang,Siyu Ding,Mengyao Gao
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention

Blessing incense tube is a kind of incense tube with a turning wheel. It uses microfilm technology to compress and record tens of thousands of sutras on microfilm inside the turning wheel. It combines Buddha worship and incense burning ceremony. When it is used, it rotates the turning wheel at the top clockwise to bless the thread incense, and then takes out the thread incense which has been blessed by the Scriptures inside for Buddha worship. The size of the product is suitable for carrying, and the simple appearance is also suitable for modern urban life.

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