Festival Filmar 2020

  • Company/Studio
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  • Lead Designer(s)
    Sophie Rubin, Cédric Rossel
  • Design Team
    Sophie Rubin, Cédric Rossel
  • Client
    Festival FILMAR en América Latina
  • Prize
    Graphic Design of the Year / Winner in Graphic Design/Communication design / Winner in Graphic Design/Key art (Posters, covers, illustration)
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Filmar en América Latina is the most important festival dedicated to Latin American cinema and cultures in Switzerland. Filmar supports independent cinema and Latin American filmmakers, offers new films and great classics, promotes exchanges thanks to the many filmmakers invited by the festival. The visual identity of the FILMAR 2020 festival is based on the Mayan language, a means of transmitting knowledge and information. The glyphs selected represent hands which here refer to actions closely linked to cinema such as framing, shooting or even composition.

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