Mercedes Unimog Showroom, Beijing

  • Company/Studio
    Guò Bàn Ér
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Sun Min, Christian Taeubert
  • Design Team
    Sculptures: Johannes Nielsen, Curators: Yi Ran and Nikolas Ellrodt founders of Image Chaser Art Consultancy
  • Client
    Brix Machinery and authorized Bliss Mobil dealer (General Manager Felix Li)
  • Credits
    Photos: Boris Shiu
  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design/Renovation / Winner in Interior Design/Retails

Showroom takes cues from outdoor lifestyle: “We intended to deliver a very flexible showcase space which easily transforms into a place for social gatherings.” The only area which does not overlap with the trucks turning radii is a circle six meters in diameter. This roundabout, covered with a radial stack of large slate plates, evokes associations of the outdoors and simulates a sense of uneven natural ground. “Due to a challenging budget, we had to make early-on decisions on what we don’t want to see in the showroom, which turned out to be a healthy selection process.”

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