• University/School
    National Taipei University of Education
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Xiang-Yun Chen ,Shih-Hsuan Chiu , Hui-Ying Hsu
  • Design Team
    Shih-Hsuan Chiu , Hui-Ying Hsu , Xiang-Yun Chen , Prof. Kai-Chu Li, Kenda Rubber Ind., Co., Ltd
  • Credits
    Advisor:Prof. Kai-Chu Li
  • Prize
    Winner in Product Design/Vehicle, Transport & Accessories

FS BEAST is a remote remote control fire tiller. After stirring the soil into the car body for combustion, it will replay the field as the bottom of the car body tilts. The burned waste fume will pass through the ceramic filter module in the exhaust area. Exhaust to improve air pollution caused by traditional fire cultivation. The new type of tires, through the combination of solid and pneumatic tires, give the car body weight resistance and shock absorption functions. The individual tires are inflated and expanded in a spinous shape so that the car body can run freely on dry or muddy ground.

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