• University/School
    National Taipei University of Education /NTUST TAIWAN
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Min-Hua Tsai,Yi-Yun Li,I-Jie Tsay,Yu-Ching Chiu
  • Design Team
    Yi-Yun Li, Min-Hua Tsai, I-Jie Tsay, Yu-Ching Chiu, Advisor: Prof. Kai-Chu Li
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention

S.D.F. CAR is a fertilizer soil improving machine that can carbonize and decompose wheat and rice straw in real time.S.D.F. CAR can be connected to the rear of harvester to receive wheat and rice straw discharged after harvesting, carbonize wheat and rice straw into a soil improver through internal high-temperature electric furnace, and stir soil to improve the land. The exhausted gas generated in carbonization process will be filtered by a catalytic ceramic filter device, which improves air pollution problem caused by traditional incineration method.

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