ASR-Automatic simple respirator

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  • University/School
    Ming Chi University of Technology
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Huang Sheng-Lun, Lin Chih-Yen
  • Design Team
    Huang Sheng-Lun, Lin Chih-Yen, Prof. Li Kai-Chu
  • Prize
    Winner in Product Design/Media & Home Electronics

Let respirator can be automatically pressed to achieve the machine respirator automation, treatment effect. Design plus the airbag pressure pulse bag, can achieve automatic pressure 24 hours to oxygen, add filters, improve the amount of pure oxygen, dry powder-type drugs, but also can increase the function of treatment. The "gas mask" is used by patients to reduce the spread of disease among health care workers. Automatic pressurization at the same time, the information will be synchronized to the APP, control the patient's respirator problems, to achieve a true automated simple respirator.

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