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  • University/School
    I. Art University of Tabriz
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Mohamad Montazeri
  • Design Team
    Mohamad Montazeri
  • Credits
    Mohamad Montazeri
  • Prize
    Winner in Product Design/Design for people / Winner in Product Design/Media & Home Electronics
  • Company Profile

It may have happened to all of us that we want to draw a certain shape, table, chart or font on a paper that is difficult for us to draw. My main idea starts here. First, arrange the elements on the Doodlight mobile App page which is the same as paper proportions. Then, connect the mobile Bluetooth to Doodlight and transfer them to the product. Now Doodlight uses a laser to display your design on the paper and you can see your design on paper and in real dimensions. Now, pick up your pen and start drawing lines by following the laser lights on the paper. When done, you have the design ready.

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