VI App

  • Company/Studio
    Lollypop Design Studio
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Anjali Deswandikar
  • Design Team
    Walter Cardoz, Juhi Kale,
  • Client
    Vodafone Idea
  • Credits
    Video Animation by Vikas Yadav
  • Prize
    Winner in Graphic Design/UX Design / Winner in Graphic Design/UI Design

Two of the world's largest telecom companies Vodafone & Idea merged to cater to the needs of approximately 1 billion telecom users in India. This led to the evolution of a new brand VI, with a commitment to uplift & transform the telecom experience. Lollypop was engaged to overhaul their entire digital branding and design an app that glorifies the merger of the two brands and deliver a world-class experience to its 330 million users. We introduced a fresh look to the app by updating the design system to match the new brand guidelines. We brought the boldness of Vodafone and the playfulness of

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