Feng He Jiu Li

  • Company/Studio
    Shanghai Zhisheroad Landscape Design Co., Ltd
  • Lead Designer(s)
  • Design Team
    LinYuanRong,ZhangShuXian,XuQiSheng,LeiZhengHua,ZhangHui,ZhuLiAn,ChengTao,Zhong Da,Zhang Yan Hui
  • Prize
    Winner in Landscape Design/Small Scale Projects / Winner in Landscape Design/Private gardens
  • Company Profile

Zhishelu team starting from the regional culture, excavate the local cultural landscape of Wujiang, refine JiangNan elements,use "ink", "moon", "pine", "tile", "floating bridge" ,and integrate these cultural fragments into the temperament of the site. Following the step-by-step courtyard-style spatial layout of oriental gardens, seeing the big from the small, and manufacture in an orderly manner.Delicately integrate traditional Chinese aesthetics with modern life,lead the return of jiangnan habitat aesthetics.

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