Leisure Complex Center of Weihai Zhongguancun

  • Company/Studio
    Chunli Zhang
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Chunli Zhang
  • Design Team
    Wei Sun, Zhen Ye, Yantong Zhou
  • Client
    Shandong Zhongguancun Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd
  • Credits
    Photo by Yonggang Zhong
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Commercial & Offices

Located in the second phase of Zhongguancun Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Industrial Park, the Leisure Complex Center presents a low-density leisure center in the high-density factory building. The corridor is used to link the western area as the leisure functional area, presenting coffee shop, book bar, exhibition, office, meeting and other functions to meet the supporting services of daily leisure functions with humanistic care for the internal staff, to meet their physical and mental health needs after daily work, and to reduce mental depression and injury from the mechanized work.

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