Xiamen Galaxy Gulf Experiential Center

  • Company/Studio
    Shanghai PTArchitects
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Yu Xiaolei, Zhang Lifu
  • Design Team
    Xia Yu, Wang Zhong, Wang Gang, Wang Xin, Wang Lehua, Song Ruyang, Li Wei, Zhou Qing
  • Client
    Gemdale Group, CR Land, ITG
  • Credits
    Zeng Jianghe
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Commercial & Offices

The architectural appearance adopts geometric and sculptural design languages. Arches are extracted and interpreted as its symbols, and exquisite metal lines are set at the boundaries of different surfaces to showcase a modern aesthetic. All the lines, whether convex or concave, add exquisiteness to the architecture and highlight the dynamic and flexible architectural form. The unique stone materials featuring blue gray hue and ink-wash-like patterns unify the simplistic visual effects of the entire building and also produce a sea island ambience which echoes the site.

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