Hongkong Land •Artisan Bay Exhibition Center

  • Company/Studio
    Shanghai PTArchitects
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Hu Qiao, Luo Rongqing
  • Design Team
    Zhao Xubin, Xie Hui, Chen Kaiyan, Wu Zunli, Wu Qi, Wang Peng, Jiang Chunshui, Zhao Xue, Feng Fuliang, Wang Xianan, Su Min, Wang Xiaocan, Yang Lulu
  • Client
    Hongkong Land, Longfor, Jinke
  • Credits
    Yuan Yang
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Commercial & Offices

The project features a minimal volume of architecture so as to leave more space for landscape. The designers reorganized and combined spaces through node, line and surface, and used large areas of glass wall and some stone wall to form a sharp contrast. A minimal volume helps to highlight an artistic and sculptural sense of the building. The combination of vertical and horizontal lines and inclined walls brings greater visual impact of the facade while ensuring interior functional needs.

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