Hongkong Land • RIVERONE

  • Company/Studio
    Shanghai PTArchitects
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Hu Qiao, Li Lin, Chen Zelong
  • Design Team
    Liu Jie, Liu Jun, Huang Yubo, Zhou Zongrong, Wu Di, Wei Xing, Wei Zhiyong, Zhu Xueyang, Lu Qiang, Song Chenou, Liu Shuwen, Ren Xiao, Han Deyi
  • Client
    Hongkong Land
  • Credits
    Yuan Yang
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention

To respect the site’s terrain, the overall layout of the residence cluster forms a transparent enclosed space, which embodies characteristics of local street, space and courtyard in Chongqing. The facade is divided into three parts, the middle of which is the highlight. The facade is clad in plain stones and silver-grey aluminium panels, dotted with aluminium panels featured wood grain. Natural texture and rigid lines adds more playful combination for the project in a modern way, enjoying both rational and emotional ambiences.

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