• Company/Studio
    Shanghai Laurent Landscape Design Co., Ltd
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Jiang Wangye
  • Design Team
    Li Ming, Gao Mingming, Sun Jingjiang, Pan Mingming, Ye Wei, Zhang Longhua, Yang Jiaqing, Chen Yanming, Wang Xiaoyun, Yang Fajun, Liu Wei, Yan Qian
  • Client
    Yuexiu Property, China Merchants Shekou
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention

The design uses “Water” as the main element. At the entrance, a water feature that can be touched, a linear water feature that resembles water waves and a stainless-steel sculpture all create a spacious and beautiful environment, hence becoming the core of visual effects. The sunken courtyard is surrounded by functional spaces with complicated level difference between the interior and the outside. Therefore, sunken structures and stacked water features are used to solve the problem while becoming one of the highlights.

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