PingAn TCM Health Industrial Park

  • Company/Studio
    Z Studio
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Wei Yinghao
  • Design Team
    Mai Huan, Lu Zhenhua, Jiang Xu, Han Kai, Wu Xun, Chen Junyan, Sun Xueyan, Gu Chunmei, Yu Zhaohui, Li Yiping
  • Client
    PingAn Real Estate Co., LTD.; Fangyuan Group
  • Credits
    Chai Yiyi
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention

The project was built as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) center within a botanical garden flanked by plants that are both medicinal and ornamental. Designers take circular elements, the metaphor of reincarnation, as landscape design language. A white glass wall is placed at the main entrance as a barrier between the indoor and outdoor space, where pedestrians and vehicles are guided to both sides. Sunlight and wind can pass through the cylindrical ceramic plates inside the reception hall, while the dock echoes with the lake island. The island is home to various birds and banana trees.

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