Foshan Meisha Bilingual School

  • Company/Studio
    GND Jiedi Landscape Design
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Qiu Ge, Zhong Yongcheng, Li Bing
  • Design Team
    Zhou Wen, Pan Fangyi, Liu Zhifeng, Liu Yun, Zuo Chaohui, Yang Shuguang, Chen Chen, Huang Juan, Zhang Jie, Zheng Louhong, Zeng Fengling, Zhou Peng
  • Client
    Vanke Foshan
  • Credits
    Riye Photography、 Boqisi Photography
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Company Profile

GND starts from “bounded” to “unbounded” design concept in the landscape creation of Foshan Meisha Bilingual School. In terms of external design, the square in the campus opens to the city, promoting the integration between them; while in terms of internal design, the form of combining “gallery, courtyard, lane and platform” in Chinese traditional architecture is adopted for creating a borderless space integrating architecture, landscape and interior as a whole. Through making full use of space, a multi-dimensional space for learning, living and interaction is hence created.

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