Nanning Haoyouyuan Restaurant

  • Company/Studio
    Betop Interior Design
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Haodong Liu
  • Client
    Nanning Haoyouyuan State Banquet Restaurant Co., Ltd.
  • Credits
    Photo by´╝ÜLuhaha
  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design/Hospitality

In terms of space layout, the hall evolves traditional Chinese verve, and the overall space atmosphere is typical. With the shape of the traditional house door, the hollow screen partition, the calm wooden structure, and the lines full of charm radiate elegant atmosphere. It is concise and elegant. The humility and tranquility of the interior and the scenery outside the window alternately and quietly correspond to each other, blurring the boundaries of space, making Chinese style charm and space design integrated, and giving people a comfortable enjoyment.

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