House in Minohshinmachi

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  • Lead Designer(s)
    Yasuyuki Kitamura
  • Design Team
    Client: Shuhei Kimura, Architect and Project Leader: Yasuyuki Kitamura, Structural Engineering: Takuma Togo, Landscape: Akihiro Oku, Builder: Takada C
  • Client
    Shuhei Kimura
  • Credits
    Photo: Masashige Akeda, Video: Tanpan studio
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Housing / Winner in Architecture/Small Scale Project
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This project is located in a new town with a rich natural environment in the northernmost part of Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture. However, the surrounding houses were lined with houses unrelated to the rich natural environment and regional characteristics. The client's young couple was looking for a house to live with nature in such a land. The light roof, deep eaves, nested small rooms and two pillars like standing trees made the light environment as if it were a part of nature rather than cutting out the natural environment as a landscape.

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