Tati, the tattoo machine kit

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  • University/School
    Central Saint Martins
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Liam Arteona
  • Prize
    Winner in Product Design/Design for people

Tati is a tattoo machine kit that was developed to escape social stigma towards the tattoo machine. The focuses of the tattooing scene changed since the 21st century – demands of customised design and interaction between artists and tattooee increased. Following this social phenomenon, there were needs of a tattoo tool rather than a ‘machine’ to strengthen the artistic process.Tati, therefore, was designed for intuitive use, that artists only need to take five actions to get to the ready position. The kit also is built around the pen and ink pods, that familiarise the use of the tool.

You can create multiple entries, and pay for them at the same time.
Just go to your History, and select multiple entries that you would like to pay for.