Jinzhong Kylin Mansion Club

  • Company/Studio
    Poetic Space
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Yang Yuan
  • Design Team
    Haiyang Ni, Yingqi Yan, Ping Li, Ba Huang, Fangzhi Huang, Renhui Lu
  • Client
    Jinzhong Real Estate
  • Credits
    Photographer: Jing Zhang and A Kai
  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design/Sustainable Living

Jinzhong Kylin Mansion is located in Shenzhen, overlooking Xili Lake in the northwest, surrounded by Qilin mountain, wildlife park, Xili golf course and Shenzhen University Town in the southeast. It can be said that the environment is superior. According to the regional characteristics and under the dominant atmosphere of modernism, the designer uses the design language to have a dialogue with the space, and then interprets the visual, tactile and spiritual resonance, and reappears the humanistic landscape pattern of "in a busy city, the heart lives in a paradise.".

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