Museum Hof van Busleyden

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  • Lead Designer(s)
    Luciana Mattiello
  • Design Team
    Luciana Mattiello, Joana Buglione, Sara Röpke, Camila Civardi, Martha Fogliatto, Juliana Mello
  • Client
    Museu Hof Van Busleyden
  • Credits
  • Prize
    Winner in Graphic Design/Communication design
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The wayfinding strategy organizes the visitor’s route to the permanent exhibition. It's distributed into codified zones by using the logic of subway lines and by maintaining awareness of visitor’s next steps and their safe to return to the starting point. The signage system operates in transitional spaces and leaves the exhibition rooms free from interference.At the entrance of each area, large custom panels with patterns referring to the most relevant works on display point the way forward. On the exterior, the system offers thoughtful solutions which respect the significance of the building.

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