• Company/Studio
    Yanniotis & Assosiates, Architects & Consulting Engineers
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  • Lead Designer(s)
    Constantinos Yanniotis
  • Design Team
    Eleni Maistrou, Yannos Yanniotis, Konstantinos Xanthopoulos, Konstantinos Gianiotis
  • Client
    Yanniotis & Assosiates, Architects & Consulting Engineers
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
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INTERelationships is a sustainable,collective housing,supported living complex with public usages,hosting vulnerable groups of people while integrating them with work and joint participation in a multitude of activities with city residents.It may thus become a cultural attraction where interpersonal relationships develop through social,cultural and leisure revenue-generated activities,run by tenants.In conclusion,INTERelationships sets the basis of a sustainable dwelling model in which sustainability is defined in terms of Infrastructure,User and Operation Management VL

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