Hotel Las Islas

  • Company/Studio
    Coco Raynes Associates, Inc.
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Grupo Aviatur
  • Design Team
    Grupo Aviatur Design Team; Coco Raynes (Design Consultant to Aviatur); Indiana Ventures (Construction Advisor)
  • Client
    Grupo Aviatur
  • Credits
    Photos: Samy Bessudo, Mauricio Velez, Coco Raynes
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention

Located in a protected sanctuary in BarĂº, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, the 32-hectare resort is nestled in a private bay. It was built using only natural, local materials, paying tribute to Colombian craftsmanship. 55 octagonal bungalows are built by the sea and in the treetops. The decks and swimming pool are adapted to each site, even wrapping around trees. The extreme simplicity of the project is deceptive. Behind the carefully crafted and planned structures, this hotel is at the cutting edge of self-sustainable technology with desalination and solar power plants.

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