Core Agora

  • Company/Studio
    Not a Number Architects
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Ermis Adamantidis & Dominiki Dadatsi
  • Design Team
    Pavlos Symianakis
  • Client
    Domes of Elounda
  • Credits
    Photos by: Athina Souli
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Small Scale Project
  • Project Website

The project consists of individual pavilions that make up space for boutiques, shops, f&b but also art galleries. The volumes sit on a grid-like arrangement in the centre of a landscaped area of a hotel complex. The characteristic skin of the pavilions is made of plywood lamellas in a woven pattern that reflects traditional basket weaving techniques. The uniformity of the skin that functions as a vertical sun shading device is interrupted by large windows that frame the products on display. At night the volumes light up like lanterns illuminating the surrounding pathways in the park.

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