The memory recorder.

  • Company/Studio
    Cheng Yu Cloth Craft Co., Ltd.
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  • Lead Designer(s)
    Cheng li Yen
  • Credits
    Photo by Cheng li Yen
  • Prize
    Winner in Graphic Design/Packaging
  • Company Profile

The central concept of the product is the combination of new and old, shaping intangible emotions with our cast package. The cast package designs of a camera a typewriter and a radio can keep moments, words and sound, and record abstract feelings, relationships, stories, and memories. This work is designed to record the intangible stories memories and emotions, and then materialize and display them. It can communicate with friends, family and loved ones. It is a gift to say goodbye, and also a souvenir from happy times.

You can create multiple entries, and pay for them at the same time.
Just go to your History, and select multiple entries that you would like to pay for.