• University/School
    National Taipei University of Education (NTUE )
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Yi-Yun Li, Min-Hua Tsai, I-Jie Tsay, Yu-Ching Chiu
  • Design Team
    Yi-Yun Li, Min-Hua Tsai, I-Jie Tsay, Yu-Ching Chiu, Advisor: Prof. Kai-Chu Li
  • Credits
    Advisor: Prof. Kai-Chu Li
  • Prize
    Winner in Product Design/Responsible Design / Emerging Architect of the Year / Winner in Architecture/Disaster rapid deployment housing & Auto sufficient construction

MRP is a modular marine rescue platform that assists refugees and shipwreck victims. Rescue organizations can build platforms based on their needs. By forming medical care stations, tugboats or relief supplies plarform for victims, they will be able to prevent tragedies from occurring. In addition, MRP improves access to refugee accommodation, it can be used for identity registration and documentation to accelerate distribution mechanisms. Moored offshore, it can also be a shelter providing temporary housing and a vocational training center, helping refugees assimilate into a new society.

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