Ai Weiwei: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

  • Company/Studio
    For Office Use Only
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Anh Tuan Pham
  • Design Team
    Claudine Eriksson
  • Client
    Public Art Fund
  • Prize
    Graphic Design of the Year / Winner in Graphic Design/Key art (Posters, covers, illustration)
  • Company Profile

Public Art Fund commissioned For Office Use Only to lead the book design of Ai Weiwei’s Good Fences Make Good Neighbors. Documenting the over 300 artworks located across New York City, the book serves as perhaps the only way to experience the vast breadth of the exhibition as a whole. The 350-page book includes thousands of images, testimonials from notable artists and public figures, as well as excerpts from hundreds of public Instagram posts. This entry is submitted for the Bookcover Design, which featured a die-cut "X" revealing the image on the inside endpapers of the book.

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