Danielle Johnnei Branding System

  • Company/Studio
    Dh,lo Creative Boutique
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Daniel Da Hora
  • Design Team
    Luciana Oliveira, Samara Menezes
  • Client
    Chef Danielle Johnnei
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention

Branding system for Danielle Johnnei - a gastronomy full-service company that provides not only one of the best Italian trattorias of Northeast Brazil, but also a handful of other services such as food-service, gastronomy events, training, and gastronomy consulting. Since this project launch, the client and its businesses have had huge recognition. One of them: Trattoria da Dani, is the most highlighted bistrot in the region (Instagram: (at) trattoriadadani). The other services (Food Service, Events, Training, and Consulting) are expanding the visibility of the client and defining a new bias f

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