Tengchong Heshunli Sales Center

  • Company/Studio
    H Design
  • Lead Designer(s)
    H Design
  • Design Team
    Kevin Hu, Zhou Changde, Qin Qingsong, Angel Zhang, Mini Li, Rachel Guo, Vivi Zhang, Xiao Sha
  • Client
    Tengchong Jiarun Real Estate Co. Ltd
  • Credits
    Photo by Zhang Qilin
  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design/Sustainable Living
  • Company Profile

Following spiritual evolution and cultural heritage of Tengchong city, a natural, leisurely and elegant sales-center integrating of traditional Chinese elements and modern space construction creation was built. Located at the north of the ancient Nanzhao Kingdom citysite, Heshunli, the high-end commercial complex, it aims to build a large-scale comprehensive community integrating residence, tourism, culture, commerce, leisure and education in the name of city reception hall to become the new landmark and business card showing the regional culture, thus changing people's lifestyle here.

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