• Company/Studio
    Yasuda Real Estate Co., Ltd.
  • Instagram
  • Lead Designer(s)
    MHS Planners, Architects & Engineers Ltd. + UDS Ltd. + the range design INC
  • Design Team
    Uds Ltd. + The Range Design Inc., Mhs Planners, Architects & Engineers Ltd., Nomura Co., Ltd. A.N.D.
  • Client
    Yasuda Real Estate Co., Ltd.
  • Credits
    Photo by Nacasa & Partners Inc.
  • Prize
    Winner in Architecture/Hospitality
  • Project Website

HAMACHO HOTEL was established as a core of a community development project around Hamacho area with the concept of “expressing green and craftsmanship” on which Hotel’s dynamic architectural interpretation is based. The interior design was inspired by Japanese traditional style, gesture, material and techniques and adopted them by redefining the expression in a contemporary way so that the Japanese DNA casually exist in our lifestyles. Hotel’s dining is open to public and seamlessly designed with the hotel space by embracing Japanese factors aiming to become a hub for developing a community.

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