Pop-up urban village

  • Company/Studio
    Kodasema Oü
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Ülar Mark
  • Design Team
    Architects: Ülar Mark, Liina-Liis Pihu, Maria Alnek, Ralf Tamm. Interior Architect: Angela Orgusaar. Landscape Design: Kino Landscape Arhitects
  • Client
    Kodasema Oü
  • Credits
    Photos: T. Tunnel, R. Kyla, A. Haas, G. Kuusmaa
  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design/Sustainable Living / Winner in Architecture/Green Architecture
  • Company Profile

KODA Light is a 25 sqm movable living unit that fits all necessities for minimalistic living. Thanks to its universal design, the house can be used as a studio, office, cafe or a hotel / rental living/ airBnB or even floating as an extension of a water-front property instead. Combining the movable units that are installed in just 1 day we create vibrant multi-functional pop-up villages with spaciously compact urban interiors instead of vacant muddy parking lots. Less is more.

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