The Renovation of Hong Kong Shue Yan University

  • Company/Studio
    Dpwt Design Ltd.
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Arthur Chan
  • Design Team
    Bevin Chen, Ivy Wang, Tom Lu
  • Client
    Hong Kong Shue Yan University
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention

Study should be fun. This project aims to provide various self study areas with wellness environment to encourage sharing with the peer group. The image of the university is also enhanced by redesign the lobby with donor wall, history wall and new seating area. New palates are injected in classrooms and self study areas to bring out freshness ambience. Shue Yan literally means tree and benevolence in Chinese, referring to cultivate a person is like painting a tree which takes a long time. Tree shape sculpture is designed as a study hub with students sitting underneath to pursuit knowledge.

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