Play Stack Shenyang

  • Company/Studio
    Clou Architects
  • Lead Designer(s)
    Jan F. Clostermann, Director
  • Design Team
    Director Interiors: Jian Yun Wu, Partner: Christian Taeubert, Associate In Charge: Lin Li, Team Architecture: Sebastian Loaiza, Tiago Tavares Team Int
  • Client
    Vanke Shenyang
  • Credits
    All Photos by: Shuhe
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Project Website

In a typical vertical neighbourhood CLOU’s Shenyang ‘Play Stack Mall’ is organized as a horizontal pile of accessible boxes. In newly-built vertical communities such as southwest Shenyang, where adequate facilities and public spaces are often lacking, neighbourhood malls have become popular meeting places. This is particularly evident where homes are small and multi-generational living is common. Since walkability has become an increasingly desirable lifestyle choice, ‘Play Stack’ has been designed with a focus on accessibility.

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